Hey, I am naive

if that means rather seeing chances than problems

What fascinates me

The thought of the story around any particular object lets my imagination spin. When one looks closely one can discover a great deal of signs of earlier influences or conditions. Why are the things the way they are? What experiences have they had? What is the essential thing that makes them as they are? Thus I seek to explore all the facets of the things surrounding us. In this manner one can discover limitless potentials in our environment. Naturally, I do not only wish to understand my environment but shape it, create it, give it a history.


Who I Am

During my studies I have had many opportunities to discover new perspectives. Studying in Denmark, working in Chile as well as being on a construction site in Mexico showed me how different ones approaches can be. These precious experiences helped me working on a wide range of projects. From designing and building furniture, being involved in big and small housing and infrastructure projects up to developing master plans. This is how I learned countless important things not just about architecture but about myself. I have learned to gain the best out of different approaches, enrich my own and combine them with technical demands. Meanwhile, painting became an important part of my work. It helps me figuring out who I am and what I am aiming for. It is a great tool to test ideas, visualize feelings and emotions as well.


Selected Projects

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  • Off-Shore
  • Lars
  • 30+1
  • ILVA
  • Minimal Housing
  • squares

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If you are interested in a collaboration of any kind, I am always interested in new challenges.